Monday, 8 July 2013


Terse entry. Am home, not much has changed. Assimilation into the locals is almost too easy.

If you study at university, an exchange is a must (preferably for a year)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Awards!!! (Piecemeal and esoteric)

My first and biggest shout out is to the ultimate destination for a meaningful and fulfilling shopping experience while in South Copenhagen/Islands Brygge. Complete with a movie theatre with 3D capabilities, a 2 level food court and all the despots one could wish for, the winner is: Fisktorvet!!!!
Not Pictured: dozens of scumbag kids and people who took fashion tips from Norwegians.
Honourable mentions: Fields, Amager centre.

The second grand experience and award worthy happening is the fact that there are literally hundreds of Danish celebrities you would have never heard of almost everywhere you go. Having a Danish girlfriend has the added bonus of highlighting the fact when such occurrences take place. I'd say my sculpted Adonisesque figure has been perused by no less than 4 or 5 of these somebodies (actual srs). I suppose a pro of wearing smaller than normal shirts to show off the guns.
Danish celebrity spotting!
The last award for the day goes to the best rugby team in all of Denmark, FRK.
Pokalfinale 2013

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Arbitrary awards on things the Danes do best.. soon

I just figured people would like to know some of the things which won awards in my heart during my stay here. The ceremony will be called The Plasma Show and the host will be a very special guest, who takes up a big piece of my heart, the left ventricle!

I am pumped to have him attend.
The awards will be under inconsequential categories, completely made up and hold little, to no objective weight. An example being, the best cooking agent, which the award goes to:
økologisk hvidløg smør: Virkelig lækker!
Srs, the best butter ever, slather it on bread and that's a two step way of having garlic bread. boom!
Other awards to follow..

Until then, here is me in an uninteresting never before released picture
No, you will not get back those 2 seconds of your life.  Suffer in your jocks, as they say.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Antepenultimate post, from an indeterminate host


So its been a while, and thats for several reasons. But I dont need to explain myself to you, you bunch of curious Georges, snooping around deviously among my recorded memories. Such vicarious experience zombies, feeding off the delicious, sweet cerebral cortex nectar of my fondest exchange experiences to satiate yourselves. Except if its you mum, then Hi, I'm fine, and will be home for you to cook for me soon. Probs would like to eat burgers as soon as Im home.
Pictured: the luxury of choice.
So its smack bang in the middle of exam period. Well it was, and now it is only 6 days until my last exam. So perhaps smack bang in the middle of near the almost end of my exam period. Much more descriptive. Exams are going well, thank you for telepathically asking in the future, well after this was written. You poverty mind-time traveller
Like this Dalek, except your abilities are basically worse in all ways imaginable.
Had a monster month or so since my last post. Filled with things such as Distortion, parties, Hamburg, rugby, sun tanning (lol), exams of course, and experiencing the lovely Danish summer. 
Illustrations will follow, for those of you looking to make a collage from my life in Denmark.
Then next post will likely be from back in Australia, so Me, if I'm reading this, right now the air is warm, the chocolate delicious, the girls pretty and my finger hurts from typing at a weird angle.

cheeky 1st klasse tog

not bad hamburg

Bon voyage!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Flowers blooming, exam time looming

Good day,

I have been late again, or early, depending on your own expectancy  of posting my experiences in Denmark in the blog. My apologies or your welcome.

Lately its been May, if any of you have noticed, which means several things, first of all being that apparently we have already crushed 1/3 of 2013. Go human race!! Just smashing stuff all round. Also rugby season has recommenced here in the Mark. FRK (Frederiksberg rugby klub) is looking to win a spot into the Danish cup final, so all your well wishes are most welcome.

In any case I have been both busy and idle these past few weeks, so while living a dichotomy of action man/chess Grand master, i have been able to attain most of the photographic evidence from the former story arc. This will allow for a collage of my current life looking exciting, which will be great to reflect upon, to bear witness to myself just dominating, while my failures go unrecorded, which means, "If I failed but there is no one there to testify, did it really happen at all?"

The winners write history, and since I'm both a fan and participant of winning and history I will go ahead and do that right here.
What follows are pictures from our Kollegiums first annual Olympiad. Of which my Kitchen, the grand and preeminent 16.2, took out in superlative fashion.
Hot Dog crew killing it!! Beast, Pimp, La Flama Blanca, Rambo and Merlin the wizard (from L to R)
Then there is also a dress up fastelavn fest pictures, a wonderful adventure through Tivoli and some rugby from this past weekend. Enjoy you rambunctious, flibbertigibbets.
Me Tarzan, You Jane.

The magic of HC Anderson

NOT a spear tackle...

Have a top flight run into exams everybody.

Kind thoughts,

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Self-indulgent Plug for Denmark

Hey guys,

As an Australian in Copenhagen on exchange I have just had the privilege to meet a prince and a politician.

A full update will be more descriptive, but for now i will just include 2 poems about my experience, 1 haiku and 1 acrostic.

D -  iverse
E - xciting
N - aked
M - ysterious
A - miable
R - owdy
K - ind

Serene, organic
heavenly in, sun, wind, rain
Also lots of beer.

Come here and have a blast like i have, and will continue to.

Said prince and us:
HRH Prince Joachim and the lord of dance, Sir Dylan

Monday, 15 April 2013

First-order logic, with a dash of felix felicis

Good morning class,

For today, I will be presenting a range of pictures from a few soirees thrown this past fortnight or so, which can give you an indication of the amount of grueling labour I've been undertaking during the first months of spring in this lovely city. Its terribly difficult, insofar as laying out in the sun for 4 hours is incredibly trying.
This is not to say there hasnt been a tonne of homework, which there has, but more along the lines of all work and no play will make Jack a dull boy. With my leisure activities being more so restricted from an injury sustained at my first rugby trial match. Its been a limpy 2 weeks, of that there is no doubt.

An accurate depiction of me limping around on that pirate time. Swashbuckling!
Contrary to my kitchen mates (unintended pirate term) behest I did not see some fanciful doctor, morose spawn of Eir, but instead placed my trust in the one true healer of any man injury or manjury..

Walking it off, adequately described here by Urban dictionary: Stiff upper lip.

So without further ado, i present you with a grandiose display of the last few weekends of my life.

All class.

det lige meget..

Good night sweet princes